In The World Of Expressive Colors


Choice of colors always has to be humbly bold. An artwork has to speak volumes for itself. All the colors of the rainbow are available to paint but the skill lies in the right choice and utilization of colors. Understanding the color theory enables you to produce an artwork with a vibrant outlook. As you continue to evolve as an artist, you tend to customize colors based on your personal choices. Experience brings out creativity as well as adds to variety in the artwork. Interpret colors in terms of harmonious choices to enhance the beauty of the artwork.

color1Many parameters guide you towards making harmonious choices of colors. Experiments with vibrant colors allow you to tame the colors based on the requirements. Choose colors based on your intuitions as it extends the horizons of painting. Also, remember the fact that colors tend to compete with each other owing to their unique attributes individually. On using many colors, the colors tend to compliment each other. Always make sure of the fact that greater the number of colors you choose, the lesser the impact of the painting. Bring together the power of colors by utilizing a restricted color palette.

Work on precise color themes to offer an exceptional quality to your painting. Many renowned and extraordinary painters utilized minimal colors on their palettes to enhance the color harmony. A limited color palette allows you to bring out an automatic color harmony. Continue to create color mixtures from the same four colors to enhance the exquisiteness of your painting. Make use of some interesting color mixtures from the primary and secondary colors. Utilization of a traditional harmonic color scheme enhances the authentic features of your painting. Interpret your world of colors by giving it a novel approach through the limited color palette.

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Painting the passion with brushes


Painting is an undue pleasure to turn the blur life into a vibrant one. Painting is an exclusive platform that bustles with characters and expressions. The way the watercolor brushes are handled makes a huge difference to your painting. Utilizing the watercolor brushes in the right format amplifies the confidence of an artist by several folds. It enhances the inclination while creating a painting. It is imperative for an artist to learn the right technique towards using a watercolor brush. A right sized brush improves the results of your painting. Always hold the brush at varied angles to the canvas.

Practice holding the brush in different positions to provide fine details to the painting. To offer more control during painting, hold the brush close to its sable tip. During extended painting sessions, hold the brush at the extreme end of the handle. Such positions offer flexibility to the arm to be involved in painting. Different positions of holding the brush increase the movement of hand during painting. In-depth knowledge on handling watercolor brushes enriches the skill sets of an artist. It is ideal to utilize a size 10 brush for painting. Hold the brush vertically in order to make use of its tip.

For a beginner, hold the watercolor brush in a lengthwise pattern on its side to paint wider strokes. The size of the watercolor brush indicates the magnitude of the stroke. A size 10 brush can be used for large and medium sized paper. Choose the best brush that brings out the best results for you. A mop brush is generally utilized for larger paintings. A worn out toothbrush allows you to provide spraying techniques on the painting. Always spray at an angle to derive exquisite results. Develop your unique style of painting with customized brushes and painting techniques to offer striking artwork.