If you’re an artist or a musician,  then you’re probably someone who believes in having your own muse. The elusive source of inspiration can be fickle and fleeting, but once she’s there, there’s an outpouring of creativity. Work is done much faster, and the results are nothing but sublime.

When searching for one’s muse, travel is one of the most recommended means. Going on short walks along the beach is not only therapeutic, it is also considered as a good way to induce creativity when one is experiencing writer’s block. If you’re nowhere near a beach, you could go on a short hike up a trail or take a leisurely walk along a flower garden. Nature essentially soothes the senses and relieves people from day-to-day stress that hampers creativity.

Now, if you really need to get away, you’ll have to decide on a good spot to visit. Most hikers go on three-day expeditions and often go without gadgets in order to really connect with nature. Some decide to go to exotic destinations in order to find or awaken their muses.

In the UK, one of the more exciting destinations to see would be Stonehenge. These awe-inspiring monoliths are said to be thousands of years old and are wrapped in mystery. There are also different theories as to what purpose they served during ancient times.

In the United States, you can plan a trip to see the Grand Canyon in Arizona. This is an impressive and really huge crater said to have been left behind by a huge meteor, which struck the Earth in its early years. The area is vast and tourists have identified the best place to view the Grand Canyon. They recommend going to “Horseshoe Bend”, an area located seven miles before the beginning of the Canyon. It is a great place for photo ops and videos. In this day and age where social media is everything, this is one of the best spots to take advantage of.

When hiking in these arid regions, be sure to bring plenty of water and sun protection. Your muse wouldn’t be happy with you getting sick on the road to finding your lost mojo.

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