what-do-all-artists-have-in-commonBeing an artist is not easy. There are a lot of aspiring artists who have gotten nowhere. They remain unknown despite their efforts. There are others though who have reached the pinnacle of success. These artists have something in common that you need to know should you want to follow their footsteps.

1. Pushing the boundaries

Great artists are not satisfied of the status quo. They always aim to stand out. They are not content with a good result. They want something outstanding. They keep pushing the boundaries. They always extract the creative juices out of their minds. They also strive hard to improve their previous work and make it even better. This quality has made these artists noticeable.

2. Discipline

Focus is the key to success in this discipline. Those who are totally disciplined will keep doing the right thing while those who are not could easily get off track. This is not just about work related stuff. It is also about their personal lives. Great artists have time management skills. They know when the best time to work is and they know when to stop.

3. Sleep Habits

Artists also sleep on time and have enough number of hours of sleep. This is constant, whether there is a deadline to meet or not. They understand that their success in their chosen field also depends on their health. Thus, they don’t abuse their body and even invest in items such as a memory foam mattress to ensure their bodies are well rested.

4. Resilience

Artists are used to hearing no. It could be one rejection after another. Those who have failed are those who have given up after getting rejected. This is not what great artists have done. After rejection, they pushed even further. They have made use of their failures as a stepping stone to do even better. No matter how many times they were pulled down, they keep bouncing back. There is no amount of failure that has stopped them from doing better.

Achieving great heights as an artist is not easy. There are a lot of stumbling blocks along the way. It simply depends on how these failures and rejections are used to be better at your craft.

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